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AC4 Fitness

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Family owned and operated, AC4 Fitness is an affordable, green certified, 24-hour health club for adults who desire a simple and comfortable alternative to the high-pressure environment of most health clubs. A health club to exercise to live, not live to exercise.

Why We're Green

For us, it’s a matter of good stewardship—taking care of what you’ve been given—whether that be your body and your health, or the planet and the environment. Along those lines we showcase technologies, materials, and business practices that we hope advance the concept of good stewardship in business. To that end, we want AC4 Fitness to be the best example we can be. And our members can take pride in participating in that journey!


It’s great knowing that every time I step on an Elliptical that my sweat doesn’t go to waste! All that energy I produce is somehow converted into electricity for the building to power things like the lights and air conditioning. That’s a great feeling.


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(805) 845-9072

52 N Fairview Ave., Goleta, California