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Camino Real Marketplace, Business Offices


Camino Real Marketplace is a 500,000 square foot regional / lifestyle shopping center is located in Goleta.As a core philosophy, Camino Real Marketplace, its owners and property management are committed to integrating and adopting best policies, sustainable products and environmental stewardship. Operating as "green" as possible is their way of supporting the community and encouraging others to do the same.

Why We're Green

The Marketplace boasts a bio-swale feature which collects, retains and treats storm water from the entire site which at the time of construction was the largest of its kind in the country. The Marketplace has installed waterless urinals, replaced sprinkler heads with drip irrigation where feasible and replaced cleaning products with environmentally friendly alternatives. From the beginning of the Marketplace recycling has and always will be an extremely important part of everyday operations.


The decision to become green certified was an easy one and we are committed to work with all our tenants so they can be certified in the very near future also.
We are proud to be a green company! -Mark Ingalls, Property Manager


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(805) 685-3458

7004 Marketplace Drive, Goleta, California